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CISCO anti-counterfeit labels changes

Posted by ben on 10/28/2016

CISCO anti-counterfeit labels changes:

1. The new anti-counterfeit label is a combination of two materials, plastic and paper. The plastic part is transparent and the paper part is thicker stock than the plastic part.

2. The new anti-counterfeit label partially overlaps the white manufacturers label on the box.

3. Each new anti-counterfeit label has unique green lines.

4. The intersection of the plastic and paper has a regular protrusion.

5. The orange section is raised, you can feel the edges when you touch it. The characters “BP” are visible within the orange section and when the new anti-counterfeit label is tilted you can see “CISCO” in the backlight.

6. The seal number under the barcode on the new anti-counterfeit label is the same as the seal number on the white manufacturers label.

7. The slight impressions on the label look like random scratches on a chalkboard. The pattern is always the same for the new anti-counterfeit labels on different products.

8. The top left and top right corners of the new anti-counterfeit label are serrated.

9. CISCO brand logo. 

Announce the DJI winner!

Posted by Michelle on 10/4/2016 to News

Last month we launched a free DJI Phantom 3 DRONE sweepstakes.
If you placed an order on www.telstraight.com from August 30th to September 24th,
you were automatically entered in our free DJI Phantom 3 DRONE lottery!
In this video we will announce the big winner!
watch the video on YouTube .