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Posted by wan on 11/21/2016 to News
Are you aware of this information?
AIR-AP2702I-UXK9 and AIR-CAP2702I-"X"-K9 is universal         
AIR-AP3702I-UXK9 and AIR-CAP3702I-"X"-K9 is universal……

Which Cisco Aironet Series access points have Universal Access Point models?
Which countries support the use of Universal APs?
Cisco Universal Access Points are supported in all countries where Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers are supported. Currently, the only exception is Israel.
However, to use a AP in a particular country it must be approved for use in that country by that country’s regulatory authorities. Confirm that the universal AP model you intended to procure is authorized for the planned country of deployment before ordering. See the following URL for the list of universal access point models along with the countries that have approved their deployment:
I have Cisco 5760 Wireless LAN Controllers and Converged Access wireless on my IOS-XE switches. Do they support Universal APs?
Universal access points are supported starting from IOS XE 03.07.00E release.
Will Universal APs work with pre- Wireless LAN Controller Software and pre-15.3(3)JA1 Autonomous AP software?
No. Support for universal access points is available starting from Wireless LAN Controller Software and 15.3(3)JA1 Autonomous AP software.
Why can't I just set or change the regulatory domain of an AP via the CLI or GUI?
International radio and telecommunication regulations and compliance restrictions do not allow for such a procedure.
Once the regulatory domain of a Universal AP is set with Cisco AirProvision, can it be changed if the AP is reinstalled in a different country?
Yes! If your AP was previously primed at another country, then for reinstalling at a new country you need to first reset the AP as described inResetting or Unpriming the AP, and then continue with theOverall Workflow for Priming a Universal AP.  
Is there a personal computer, tablet computer, laptop, or web-based version of the Cisco AirProvision mobile application?
No. Cisco AirProvision can be downloaded to and used only on smartphones. SeeSmart Phone Requirements. 
Why can't a Universal AP set its location using Cisco NDP neighbor messages of my fixed-domain APs?
Only Cisco NDP messages from manually primed universal access points contain the geographical location information that is in compliance with international radio and telecommunication regulations and restrictions. Hence, only these neighbor messages are used for automatic priming.

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